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is a FREE weekly, LIVE webinar-based show that
features business-building insights, media strategies
and mindset shifts that empower you for success!

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EVERY Tuesday at 7pm ET.

This is a LIVE, interactive show presented each week in a Webinar format. 

What You Will Discover During
These FREE, Weekly Episodes...

Here is a Sampling of Topics We've Covered in Past Episodes...

Episode 7: Selling on Etsy
Episode 11: Photo Calendars
Episode 12: Writing Models
Episode 21: Illustrating Books
Episode 24: DVDs on Kunaki
Episode 27: 10 Profit Tweaks
Episode 30: Kindle Formatting 101
Episode 39: Easy Book Trailers
Episode 45: The Genius Factor 
Episode 53: Designing T-Shirts
Episode 64: Mining Product Ideas
Episode 74: JV Etiquette
Episode 80: Autoresponder Basics
Episode 96: Hidden, Free Content
Episode 106: Rapid Product Creation

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Tony Laidig is an author, speaker, photographer and publishing expert who equips business professionals and everyday people with the skills necessary to successfully create books, videos and other information products. His popular trainings include, “Easy Book Publisher,” “Your Genius Factor,” and his weekly, free webinar series, “Expert Media Show.”